Services Offered

Services Offered

Stephen J. Piercey Geological Consulting offers a range of field, desktop, and lab-based services…

Stephen J. Piercey has expertise and research interests in volcanogenic massive sulfide (VMS) deposits, sediment- and volcanic-hosted mineralization (Cu, U, Pb-Zn), orogenic Au deposits, uranium deposits, and shale-hosted ore systems; regional mapping and tectonics; hydrothermal alteration studies; ore mineralogy and petrology; lithogeochemistry, radiogenic isotopes and geochronology; quality control and quality assurance; and Cordilleran and Appalachian metallogeny and tectonics.

Field Based Services

  • Geological mapping.
  • Lithostratigraphy and facies mapping.
  • Hydrothermal alteration mapping.
  • Prospect evaluation.
  • Design and execution of geochemical and geochronological surveys.
  • Design of field-based QA/QC programs.
  • pXRF survey design for core and surficial materials.
  • Prospect evaluation and verification visits for NI-43-101 qualifying reports.
  • Field-based courses in core logging and geological mapping.

Laboratory Services

  • Petrography of alteration and ore minerals.
  • SEM/SEM-MLA/EPMA studies of ore and alteration minerals and concentrates to understand, mineral locking, and element residence and siting within ore minerals.
  • SIMS-based studies of S and Pb isotopes in ore minerals.
  • TerraSpec and pXRF analysis of assay pulps and rocks for proof of concept testing of applicability in real-time exploration.

Desktop Services

  • Literature surveys, editing, and writing of reports.
  • Assessment report writing.
  • NI-43-101 qualifying report writing.
  • Compilation and evaluation of lithogeochemical, mineralogical and isotopic data.
  • QA/QC audits and evaluation of QA/QC data.
  • Professional development courses in VMS and orogenic Au deposits, hydrothermal alteration, lithogeochemistry, mineral chemistry, QA/QC methods, and infrared spectroscopy/pXRF.

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