Stephen J. Piercey GeoConsulting


Stephen J. Piercey Geological Consulting (SJP GeoConsulting) is a St. John’s (Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada)-based international consulting company specializing in field studies of mineral deposits, with particular emphasis on volcanogenic massive sulfide (VMS) deposits and other volcanic- and sediment-hosted deposits, and the application of lithogeochemistry to volcanic stratigraphy, hydrothermal alteration studies, and massive sulfide and ore deposit genesis. 

Stephen J. Piercey Geological Consulting offers a number of services including:

  1. Field-based studies of mineral deposits and mineral deposit belts, including regional to prospect scale mapping, drill core studies, and lithofacies, stratigraphic, and alteration studies.

  2. Lithogeochemical survey design and interpretation for chemostratigraphy and alteration. 

  3. Petrographic studies, including ore petrology, concentrate liberation studies, and primary and secondary (alteration) silicate mineral studies.

  4. Literature survey and data compilation. 

  5. Project and prospect evaluation. 

  6. Instruction of field- and laboratory-based courses in mineral deposits and lithogeochemistry.